Friday Night Lights

Nerd Out Loud #91: Inches From Brilliance

We chat with OC and hear his story of getting a tattoo saying the Seahawks won the superbowl right before they lost the superbowl, talk about dealing with things that don't go as you'd hoped, and field some listener questions. Then we jump right into a T-Ball update, is Christy a jerk, and news from spaaaaaaace. 

As discussed on the show you can connect with OC in 6 seconds or less on vine@OCasHughJhazz, or find his standup on youtube. You can also use his code "geez2" in the rideshare app Lyft to get a $25 credit on your first drive. 

See what it looks like when you write a message to space in the desert and read the most recent update about the failed launch of the Russian cargo ship

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