Episode 131: Our Listeners are Armed, Jesus in the Streets (Not in the sheets), and Directing Juno

Christy shares a heartbreaking story from her recent trip to Safeco Field, we find out at least one of our listeners is armed, and discuss the most recent goings on with the changing national conversation regarding gun control. We visit Seattle Pride Festival and Jeremy is feeling conflicted about it. Jeremy has business idea to keep the sex out of worship music, Christy fuels up the predator drone for a wedding themed drone strike, we face off in what's sure to be another taco soup level am I a jerk, and Jeremy has some timely space news regarding the Juno mission which will be entering orbit around Jupiter on July 4th. 

As discussed in the show: 
Fan runs on the field during Mariners game
Senate rejects series of gun measures
Democrats end House sit-in over gun control
SCOTUS upholds wide reach of US gun ban for domestic violence
NASA's Juno spacecraft closing in on Jupiter
Planetary radio discusses Junocam "the people's camera" 
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