Episode #121: E-Mail Debt Forgivness Day and #HolmesGetsWise featuring Jeremy Henson

Christy is busy preparing for a wedding so Jeremy Henson jumps in to talk about Email debt forgiveness day, we share our own tales of e-mails gone awry, Jeremy (Holmes) makes a horrible comparison between oversleeping and alcoholism, and we discuss how nerd out loud played a part in someone else getting married. 

As discussed on the show: 
It's E-mail debt forgiveness day (As heard on the show Reply All
Late Sleepers are Tired of Being Discriminated Against
According to this profile on The Knot, NOL is at least somewhat responsible for this wedding
- Hear some of Jeremy Holmes origin story on #NOL30 "Speaking in Tongues, Sermons in Cutoffs, and then Shunned by God" and #NOL66 "No Longer Redacted (This Podcast Cost $300)

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