Episode 127: Reading Your Email, Being Unevenly Yolked, and a Blue Man Group Superfan

When we're wrong, we admit we're wrong, so first up a correction on something we said last week regarding Kitty Genovese. Jeremy found out you can put read receipts on your e-mail and wants to know what you think about it and Christy tests Jeremy's knowledge of growing up in an evangelical home. Then we are joined by our special guest, photographer and Blue Man Group superfan Jen Sulak, her hair may be pink but she's blue through and through! 

As discussed on the show:
The correction - An Iconic Murder Helped Create the 911 SystemHow the false story of Kitty Genoves's murder went viral
Read receipts - These people know the minute you get their emails, it's creepy, but brilliant
Space News - ISS Controllers complete BEAM expansionRide aboard the falcon 9 rocket's first stage on descent 

To learn more about the Blue Man Group visit their website Blueman.com, you can find our guest Jen over at Pinklightimages.com, and hear the whole uncut interview with Jen by right-clicking here and selecting "save as".