Making a Robber-er, the Drew McFrizz story

Go buy a hat and get ready to hold the f*** onto it—something from the past of one of your Little Red Bandwagon co-hosts will blow your mind: Mike Frizzell, our beloved B-cupped Austin 6, hasn’t always just been a fugitive from heart health. In the early 90s, while you were jamming to Boyz II Men, Mike was jamming a note saying he had a gun (he didn’t) into the hands of bank tellers. After spending most of 1993 on the lam like Soul Asylum’s Runaway Train, he spent the next five years in prison, only getting out when the Backstreet Boys came Back. This is funny because Mike hates music. 

In January 2009, Mike spent five nights in the TBTL Bud Light Hot Seat™ recounting his time as a pain pill addict, deserter husband and bank robber. Take a listen to these gems from the TBTL archive, and you’ll never look at those Cheddar Bays the same again. (They’re still pretty hot, though.)

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