#430 (Recap): I’m Trying to Be Young, but I’m So Tired!

It’s October, so naturally we’re giving you a Coven (™) episode! The ladies of LRB are going through some stuff, though - Ann has major Diet Coke anxiety, Meredith might need to stop going on vacation (at least in Ohio), and Hillary is (of course) grappling with her age. 

In TBTL land, this week is our last full recap. And The Coven (™) actually enjoyed a lot of it! The live shows were a great time and showed off Luke and Andrew’s fun/funny personalities (with a fantastic Nick and Hodgman appearance). The other episodes, filled with tons of Skyjinks Woo (aka man-babies whining about mild discomfort), had us pretty enraged. Ahh the yin and yang of TBTL!

Regardless, we are all very excited about what we have brewing for our next iteration. Thank you for the sweet notes, voice memos, and faxes. We love you all!

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2999 through 3003 (feminism, live shows, Orlando, Waffle House, NYC, Hodgman, The Flophouse, Skyjinks woo, romance novels, babies, diamond medallion, Portuguese hat, Kentucky Derby, aisle seat, window seat, middle seat, snoring, CPAPs, Brooklyn, final recap).