#429 (Recap): Lost in the Sauce

It’s getting chilly as we move into fall (unless you live in Texas, I guess), so we’ve built a cotton candy bonfire to warm our hands and hearts while we continue our last few weeks of focusing on TBTL. Your LRB hosts, however, are more interested in dog plans, 20-year-old memories, and the disappointment of Coyote Ugly, among other things. There’s more football talk than usual, given that two of our hosts’ teams are pitted (totally pitted) against one another, and Pinto Ron/Kenny is wasting good condiments left and right. Ann experienced a bizarre non-adventure. Bobby has a problem with certain businessez. Mike is suffering from senioritis. Hillary makes a promise she can’t keep. Plus, the Qatar of celebrities, a level-10 dad joke, never disrespect a book, and the difference between trash talk and trash talk.


This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2994 through 2998 (coyote, bad bookmarks, skyjinx, college courses, Columbia marching band, Lenny Kravitz’s sunglasses, Terrence Howard is a crazy person, Sade is not that hard to pronounce, labradoodles, what signifies elderly, acceptance of the differently abled).