#428: The Final Final Friday of our Planned Cromulesence

Welcome to the final “Final Friday” edition of LRB! Bobby is unapologetically Simpsons-splainin’, Mike is celebrating Ravelry Week, Ann is  letting her inner bitch become her outer bitch, Christy is riding a rolley coaster of office dog emotion, and Hillary is making a compelling case for why everyone (or at least her neighbors) should have one of those Ring doorbells. 

Also, more listener love about the upcoming show transition, why no one loves bedtime, and there’s no love lost for Jeff Bezos and his “terms of service” that we maybe (probably) “violated.” Expect a strongly worded email from sparklepony69@nofatchicks.org any day now, Jeff.

In the words of our forefathers, “Here’s a flashlight, a racing form and a Penthouse Forum. Come back when the street lights are on.”