#425 (Recap): There’s Gross Men Everywhere

Welcome to your slightly hungover, somewhat lonely, and extremely pet-centric episode of LRB! Ann, Hillary, Meredith, and Mike are here to talk you through all of that business/nonsense. We finally get around to recapping a bit of TBTL, including the prevalence of exceedingly specific t-shirts that we all still find hilarious all these years later. We also refuse to quit naming nuts and vow to never ever talk over Marvin Gaye singing!!

Most importantly (and sorry to bury the lede), there is some VERY SIGNIFICANT LRB NEWS in the business. Listen and let us know what you think! 

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2984 through 2988 (TBTL picnic, sportscasters, Eagles football, iPads, super-specific t-shirts, veganism, naming products, Ms Monopoly, trypophobia, silly dog names, Daniel Johnston, pistachios).