#419 (Clip Show): Ode On a Cat-roll

There comes a time in a young man’s life when he feels that the entire world is persecuting him. And sometimes that’s accurate, especially when you’re talking about Andrew Walsh and the phenomenon of the cat-roll. From his (supposed) pal Luke, to a dedicated consort of Tens, to legitimate media stars, it seemed for a while that everyone was pranking ol’ Andy with a simple snippet of audio. AND WE LOVED IT. And so, for your listening pleasure, here is the complete aural history of The Cat-rolling of Andrew Walsh.

This show contains clips from the following TBTL episodes: 

7/9/2014 Luke has a last minute addition to SOTS.

7/15/2014 Hodor from GOT is a successful house music DJ.

7/18/2014 The phonograph was invented on this date, and Luke wants to play an early recording.

7/22/2014 Listener Brock sent in a story about something in Canada.

8/12/2014 Luke and Andrew start the show with some audio level problems.

8/13/2014 While discussing who owns a photo taken by a monkey, Luke plays a relevant audio clip.

8/18/2014 Luke finds a recording of the Browns' fight song.

8/26/2014 While discussing a naked dating show, Luke has an interesting clip to share.

9/4/2014 Andrew is playing a Browns novelty Christmas song when there's some weird interference on the line.

9/22/2014 Andrew received a mystery cassette at work and they play it live on the show.

9/26/2014 Bean Baxter tweeted Andrew a link about the Browns that turned out to be a you-know-what....

10/7/2014 This morning Andrew started his car and received an unwelcome surprise.

10/8/2014 The guys discuss the fallout from Genevieve's participation in yesterday's car cat-rolling.

10/23/2014 Andrew dodged a Chris Hayes cat-roll, but now is so paranoid he's avoiding all links.

10/24/2014 Andrew is trying to convince himself to go to the gym, and they talk about good workout music.

11/3/2014 Bean Baxter hid a cat-roll in a bunch of audio drops he sent Andrew.

12/16/2014 A listener email takes issue with some comments Andrew made about ugly sweater parties.

1/5/2015 Andrew received a lovely Christmas card from a Ten.

1/7/2015 Two frequent cat-rolling perpetrators disavow any knowledge of the most recent incident.

5/28/2015 Andrew flew from LA to Seattle and received some unanticipated attention from the flight crew.