#418 (Recap) The Canned Wine in Our Minds

It’s another week here at collective LRB studios, and Hillary, Ann, Bobby, and Mike are running down the latest navel-gazing adventures of TBTL. Lots of questions were asked this week. Is Trump going to win in 2020 (don’t jinx it, Luke!)? Is Luke a hypocrite about his vegetarianism (probably, yes)? Is Andrew wasting his summer (who knows)? Was the octopus lady an irredeemable dummy (according to Mike and the guys, absolutely yes)?

As for your lovely hosts, we have a few questions, as well. Is Hillary more of a Betty or a Joan (Joan for sure)? Is Adventure Bay the worst run town in all of Canada (uh, yeah)? Should Bobby and Ann go to the Minnesota State Fair together and report back (HELL YES)? Did we go off the rails at the end (maybe!)?

Also forward promo for an upcoming show - Mike will tell his hold music-induced panic attack. Stay tuned!

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2959 through 2963 (Paw Patrol, Oreo Creme, baking, South King County, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Crying Game, Meet the Fockers, Mad Men, eShakti.com, David Berman, Silver Jews, 2020 Election, hold music, octopodes, anxiety, vegetarianism, Patriot, South Dakota, Minnesota State Fair, Mariners, MLB).