#417 (Recap): A Mountain of Crab Legs and a Lake of Butter

What a fun time we had in Seattle! Your LRB hosts are (mostly) back home and ready for a post-picnic weekend debrief. We have lots to discuss, including how Hillary is sober on the show for the first time in … a while, what caused Meredith to discover her mom voice, how Ann saved all of LRB from food poisoning, and what we thought of the tricks Mike showed us with a washcloth/towel and a sample size container of L’Occitane lotion. It was less weird than it sounds, honestly. During the TBTL portion of the show, we can’t believe we’re STILL talking about video interpolation, wonder why it matters whose party it is, dubiously discuss the attractiveness of politicians, and sing the praises of Lauren Ober’s appearance on the show. We agree that if you want to be a vegetarian It’s Fine (TM), while disagreeing about a certain Christian worship song. I mean, WE GET IT ALREADY.


This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2954 through 2958 (Law & Order, LRB summer picnic, traveling, foul ball, video interpolation, quarters gameshow, hotel environmentalism, Christian rapper vs Katy Perry, Jay Inslee is attractive?, vegetarianism and Twitter, antique fan, parties and picnics, old voicemails, Lauren Ober, Spectacular Failures podcast).