#409 (Final Friday): “I Want to Win a Bagel!”

It’s the end of the month, and Bobby, Ann, Hillary, Mike and Christy have a lot of ground to cover before the Jamaican-Norwegian housekeeper comes knocking. Inspired by recent conversations on TBTL, we share some of our worst job interviews, as well as voicemails from two of our favorite listeners, and learn that the best thing to do it to lie, especially if we were recently at a Snoop Dogg concert. And, we discuss albums we love (or that we hate that we love), including some from a nearby dumpster. Plus, Christy regales us with the second-hand epic that was Jeremy’s freewheeling adventure through middle America in a hot-wired old Honda Accord. As far as feral humans go, he’s really doing quite alright. 

Plus, Christy tells of her time as Joey Fatone’s #1 (of 1) fan, Mike laments his long-lost sizzle zoetrope, Hillary regrets not stashing her backseat boombox, Ann prefers her in-Transit entertainment unaccompanied, and Bobby wants us to livestream Jeremy watching 8 Mile. Detroit strong!

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