#408 (recap): You’re a Dirtbag, No Judgment

In the wise words of Stefon, this LRB has everything: alcoholic Oreos, garlic tips, crappy cars that blow only heat, Stephen Tobolowsky, ironic cybersecurity training, Mary McDonnell, and, of course, Deeznutz.

Join the Coven (™) for all that and much more, including Ann’s potential move to Pasadena, Hillary’s fear of seeing Toy Story 4 (spoiler alert - she cried), and the President basically ruining Meredith’s grandfather’s funeral (as usual).

Finally, Beverly Hills is the worst and Sneakers is the best.

Also, as mentioned, here is a fun article on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Sneakers! https://slate.com/culture/2012/09/sneakers-20th-anniversary-how-the-robert-redford-caper-inspired-a-generation-of-fervent-fans.html

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2924 through 2928 (Toy Story 4, Sneakers, River Phoenix, Old Lesbians, Cybersecurity, anxiety, Mariners, dirtbags, Armchair Expert, Michigan, Detroit, Pasadena, toddlers, Beverly Hills, *NSYNC, JC Chasez, Forky)