#405 (Recap): The Kangaroo is TBTL

The TBTL-a-thon wrapped up in Australia (OR DID IT???) and your LRB hosts are making a quick getaway in our car (Foley included) so that we can use our outdoor voices without embarrassment. On deck for today’s discussion: television show longevity, driving in NYC, the popularity of Tim Allen, and our extraordinary contrariness. Hillary remembers the Alamo. Mike Has an Idea that might just work. Meredith is a victim of Oreo marketing. And Ann learned that triple scoops are for winners. Plus, science facts about ear-cleaning, the merits of meeting kangaroos in the wild, and we wonder how much you should tip your housekeeper in space.


Here’s the GoFundMe for Sherri's Walk of Hope - Alice Springs to Darwin. Thanks again to Ross for passing it along.


This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2914 through 2918 (The Alamo, Letterkenny, Mike Has Ideas, Live From Larrimah, Australia, kangaroos, ‘Shaddap You Face’, traveling, spelling bee, ice cream trucks, NASA tourism to space station, Oreos, Tim Allen, ear cleaning, brain tapeworm, Jeopardy!)