#404 (Recap) Thanks Be to Qantas!

Good Day, Mates! Your LRB hosts have also traveled to Australia for this week’s TBTL-a-thon. However, instead of the fly-infested lands of the Outback, Hillary, Ann, Meredith, and Mike have landed on the scenic, populated, and desirable towns of Melbourne, New Brighton (New South Wales), Wagga Wagga, and of course, Pirates Bay, respectively. What a strange coincidence!

Though we are on the other side of the world, your hosts are still talking about some business back in the States including our recently established LRB core values (LEAD), Mike’s new pet, Theresa, and the grand opening of SH45SW. As with all things TBTL related though, everything inevitably comes back to food and poop. Shrug.

We’re all currently heading back to our normal studios, but bottom line for this week in Australia - LRB is firmly Team Robbie.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2909 through 2913 (Australia, Opals, Pitch Black, Theresa Russell, Lobster, Coober Pedy, Real Housewives, Black Widow, SH45SW, Manchaca, Brodie, 1626, Peanut Butter, Great British Bake Off, poop, food, Madonna, Tennant Creek, Robbie, LEAD values, Qantas).