#403 (Final Friday): “Turkish Delight, anyone?”

It’s the end of the month, and Bobby, Mike, Meredith, Christy and Ann are here to catch up on an array of LRB topics including a two-month backlog in the mailbag, an unexpectedly laissez-faire approach to the LRB picnic potluck, and a new AMA question that opens an old wound for a couple of our co-hosts. (Don’t worry, that’s not blood—it’s just marinara. Though that doesn’t make it OK.) Plus, Bobby has a dream mascot battle (on ice!), Meredith has allergy-induced shiners, Christy’s got sneaky meat, Mike has a cold take on popsicles, and Ann has a hot beef with Mike. 

This whole Australia thing and the general state of the world today have made us a little sad this week. Good thing listener Ann reminded us that Ludacris freestyling Llama Llama Red Pajama is a thing that exists, and that we should watch it. And now, so should you.