#402 (Recap): T-Minus Two Hours to Jubilee

It’s a vest-heavy week for the “conventionally attractive” tech-bros at LRB HQ, but between business calls the gang is squeezing in a recap of the final week of TBTL (before Luke and Andrew inevitably bite the big one in Australia). Topics discussed include: the problem with shopping for t-shirts at the Roo-A-Rama, why The Rock is the Cookie Monster of opioids, field mice as python food, and whether it’s the vest or the man wearing it (Idris Elba, anyone?). Mike attended the Austin social event of the year, but he’s subsequently in hot water because Bobby inadvertently “activated a Kramer.” Meredith’s breakfast choice leads to a discussion of ‘morning cheese’. Ann shares why she can never get upset when tv programming is pre-empted for news. Plus, the exchange rate on jams Down Under, upcoming kitten parties, and we desperately try to make Mike stop talking about his lucid dreams.


This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2904 through 2908 (Idris Elba in a vest, baseball strikeout k, “conventionally attractive,” new roof, deer mouse inside, Australia planning, Boomer at vegan restaurant, Game of Thrones, Ballers, lucid dreaming, NYC subway supervillain, Patagonia vests, interrupting programming for weather, Phyllis Fletcher, Stu-bot, TBTL line of succession).