Episode 86: Craig v. Mitchell ‘18 in the Thunderdome

Mitchell threw down the gauntlet way back and Craig finally picked it up right before dismantling his podcast studio. The guys go head to head with four song picks a piece to prove their taste in music is the supreme. Amy adds a little flavor but relaxes because she didn’t have to choose a song at all this week. Vote in the poll on the Earbuds and Earworms Podcast group on Facebook to decide who wins.


Note: There were some technical difficulties in the recording of the show so be forgiving to Amy, who really only had one job.


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Foo Fighters - The Best of You

Neutral Uke Hotel - King of Carrot Flowers Part 1


Craig’s Picks:

Kitten - G#

Radical Face - Welcome Home

Open Hand - In Your Eyes

Johnny Foreigner - Our Bipolar Friends


Mitchell’s Picks:

Ringo Deathstarr - Guilt

Serengeti - My Patriotism

Drab Majesty - Not Just a Name

Emperor X - Allahu Akbar


Queen - Princes of the Universe



Episode 32: Schrödinger's Momcast

Episode 32: Schrödinger's Momcast

This is the episode where Jason and Amy explore musical mothers.  They are also joined by their friend and contributing Earbuddy, Jan, who had also explored the recent Wiseacre Brewery’s Golgi Apparatus.  Hold on, Bet will make us cry on this one so get your mom, hold her tight, and sway to the musical musings on moms.

Episode 16: The Podtrack of Our Lives

Episode 16: The Podtrack of Our Lives

Jason and a tipsy Amy discuss music that reminds of movies that we love.  That ten albums viral copy-paste thing, yeah, they finally get around to that and list them...Amy’s list is as lame as you think it is and she isn’t sorry.  Jason uses Craig’s email feedback to quiz Amy...now you have to listen to how well she did.  Also, Craig tried to kill Jason with his list.

Episode 13: Goodbye 2016, Helllooooooo 2017!

Episode 13: Goodbye 2016, Helllooooooo 2017!

Jason and Amy memorialize some of the artists that passed with a little bit of light heartedness and everyone keeps it together long enough to make it through the show.  There are banjos and psychedelic riffs a plenty!

Also, congratulations about making it through 2016 and good luck in 2017!

Episode 10: This Podcast burns about 90 calories

Episode 10: This Podcast burns about 90 calories

Amy and Jason tackle the music of sweating while musing about disco and tie-dye.  Let’s face it, it is cold outside and you don’t want to be out there, so listen to this while staring into the middle distance before throwing the running shoes into the corner for the next two months.  

Episode 8: Podcasts of the Evening

Episode 8: Podcasts of the Evening

Jason and Amy tackle the controversial subject of sex workers in music.  Earmuffs for the kids!!  There is plenty of talk about rights, legislations and depictions in the musical format. A whole range of emotions is covered but everyone can come together on Memphis’ favorite cheese product as well as Memphis’ favorite Academy Award winning rap group(explicit lyrics litter the place).  Amy also gets it wrong.  She chose the song “A Cautionary Song” and not “A Cautionary Tale.”