Episode #124: Broken Windows, Fish Wallets, and Unrequited Friendship

Episode #124: Broken Windows, Fish Wallets, and Unrequited Friendship

Make sure you have that body armor ready because someone brought a gun to the Mothers Day party! Jeremy still hasn't found the perfect wallet but he did come across some really weird ones including the WALLI, a "smart wallet" that you can talk to with your phone and a wallet made out of salmon skin ( We discuss an study (Source: PLOS)  that claims as much as half your friends might not like you as much as you like them (Via: NYMag), and some sad news about our friends over at the Eureka podcast.  

Nerd Out Loud #78: Will We Ever Be Able To Get Married? (Biblically Speaking)

Hate filled text messages from the listeners, a light sprinkling of football talk, Jeremy secretly records Christy, are we ever going to be able to get married (biblically speaking), Obama gives shout out to space, and more on this weeks installment of nerd out loud! 

As discussed on the show: 
Eureka Podcast ep 96 breaks the internet (I’m sorry)
Check out NPR’s new show Invisibilia 
10 Men Christian Women Should Not Marry
10 Women Christian Men Should Not Marry
Obama gives a shoutout to space during the state of the union
- Song at the end "Can’t Hold Beast Mode"

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