NOL #55 - It's Not All Rainbows And Roses, Why Cheaters Never Prosper

An alternate title for this week: “Jeremy makes bad life choices and Christy makes bad relationship choices" 

This week we discuss cheating, why do people cheat? Have you ever cheated? What do you do if your friends cheat? We are joined by Laxdude who talks about his "near miss” with cheating, and why he didn’t act on it. Then we chat with Christy’s friend Kendra who accidentally found herself in a poly relationship (evidently it’s easier than you think).

As discussed on the show you can find Laxdude on twitter @Laxdude or check out his own show, Podgodz. Kendra mentioned her facebook in the show but after recording remembered that she “has a twitter” and would love for you all to say hi to her there @KkayChyno! Let her know you heard her on the show and tell her what you thought, unless it was mean. 

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NOL #40 - Podception, A Podcast About A Podcast About Podcasts

On this very special epsidoe of Nerd Out Loud we welcome Laxdude from  the show Podgodz (it’s a show about podcasts). Thats right folks, we did a podcast, about a podcast, about podcasts. 

Lax chimes in about some of his favourite shows, and we even get some bits and pieces of the Laxdude origin story. 

As mentioned on the show, you can find Lax over on twitter@Laxdude or his show www.PodGodz.com

Note from Lax (sent after recording) “Please note that I meant the kids are recieving a secular private education and not non-secular as stated" 

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