Episode #118:

Episode #118:

In which we review some listener feedback as we may have finally found someone that (kind of) supports Jeremy, discuss a recent lawsuit that has been filed against former Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll and debut a new segment. "Mystery Time!" We need your help identifying the midi version of an ice-cream truck song, and a listener reached out out to ask if we think she's being catfishded. In sports-ball related news, Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor had the police called on him while looking for a potential business location in Redmond, and last but not least we discuss Scott Kelly's return from his #YearInSpace aboard the ISS as we talk about what it's like to land a spacecraft on earth!

Nerd Out Loud #92: She's Confused and I'm Sad

We went to a wedding and had some feelings about it, Jeremy got to fly a plane and did it totally wrong, how old is your selfie?, and drinking in space. 

As discussed on the show, we’d love to hear your submissions for “am I a jerk” and your listener feedback in general, you can find all the way’s to contact us at www.nerdoutloudpod.comUpdates on the Russian cargo craft discussed last weekenjoy a little taste of home in orbit with the ISSpresso, and drinking in space, it's harder than you think!

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