Episode #117: A Christy By Any Other Name

Discussed on the show: We review listener feedback, tally the votes of last weeks "Am I A Jerk?", check in with Jeremy on his adventures with soylent, the deliciously neutral nutrient goo that is sustaining him, someone actually found a way to make selfie sticks more obnoxious to Christy (www.macbookselfiestick.com), we found a website that might save you some tears (www.doesthedogdie.com), and then we find out what happens when Christy accidentally gets your e-mail (If you're named Christy Wise). 

Be sure to check out Mark's Bee Hole and hear us learn all about royal jelly on his guest appearance Nerd Out Loud #90, find out how many people in the US have your name at http://howmanyofme.com, and special thanks to @shawno of Hyper Nonsense for the "follow-up files" bumper.

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