Episode #115: Keep Your Friends Close And Your Melatonin Closer

Christy finds herself in a saw-esque situation involving a sleeping pill, Jeremy's going to stop eating, apparently we're going to crowdsource our honeymoon destination, we're trying soylent, and we ride the gravitational waves all the way to the end of the world! 

As discussed on the show: 
- #NOL13, Christy shares about her friend who was murdered 
The simplest explanation of why we should care about gravitational waves
- Listening to the dark-side of the universe http://www.soundsofspacetime.org
- Local folks, join us next Sunday February 21st for a night of stand-up comedy hosted by friend of the show Cory Michaelis at Emory's Comedy Night
Jeremy fulfills his dream of playing "backup Jeremy" on Eureka Podcast 151

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