Episode #104: Weedini - The Marijuana Magician

Would you make someone sign a contract to watch sports at your house? We discusssome of Christy’s superstitions regarding before jumping into an interview with Weedini - The Marijuana Magician

As discussed on the show: 
- This contract that (link) that a local Seahawks fan makes you sign before you watch a game at his house
- Be sure to find out more about Weedini - The Marijuana Magician at his website weedinimagic.com
- Our streaming picks of the week: Jeremy says to watch ESPN 30 for 30 - Angry Sky (Netflix) and Christy says to watch the Netflix original series Narcos (even though she hasn’t)
- If you're in or around Chicago on September 19th come hang out with us! Event info here
- Listen to Jo and Mike on Nerd Out Loud #87 and find them on their podcast Tired and Emotional 

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