Christy's List, Drone Strike Edition

Here is Christy’s list of things she wants to see go away in 2015 as heard on episode #76. I’d love to hear your additions, drop us a line in the comments or better yet, see how many of these you can fit into a tweet to Christy.

Can’t even
Life hacks
_____ wins the internet/breaks the internet
Buzzfeed lists
Being an introvert or extravert
If I was a ____ what would I be quiz
Not all _____ 
Mom blogs
Reality celebrity being on actual news
Back to future change date
40 winers
Calling colds Ebola
Turnt up
Man buns
Photo bombs
Being over stuff
Being offended.  (Can’t say happy Mother’s Day that offends women trying to have kids etc)
Overprotective car seat laws
That ____ tho
Posted without comment
Obama care
Hair/nails did

Update/add ons from episode #77 
Words on instagram
Saying “pro-tip”
_______ Is my spirit animal
Asking for a friend
Face palm
Head desk
Doing all the _____ 
Pretending you don’t know about sports