NOL Bonus Episode - The Show We Didn't Want To Do

Christy and Jeremy are dealing with someone online that has become somewhat of a bully. We are addressing the issue publicly because the person has said some very personal things about us (primarily Christy) publicly that are not true. 

Our goal is to inform everyone about the truth and then close the door on the situation so we can move on and do what we set out to do which is try and do our best to produce an entertaining and interesting show for all of you! 

Clips played on the show were taken from GIO 260 (First 10 minutes or so) and Podgodz 115 (starting around minute 18) 

Also mentioned on the show was episode 54 of RIJcasat which addressed some of Superfan Giovanni’s style of critique. 

Intro track “Oh My God” - Kristin Wiig

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Superfan Giovanni