Episode #126: House-sitting Bacteria, Marriage Tropes, and Thousands of Ashtrays

Jeremy has a chance to talk with a couple that has amassed a collection of more than 4000 ashtrays and curates a Facebook page dedicated to the hobby, Christy brings an article to test the strength of our marriage. Before that, we discuss a terrifying "child wedding" we witnessed at the park, Christy has an update on her political career, and we share a very special voicemail from a listener that nerds out about fermented beverages. 

As discussed on the show: 
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Podcast: NOL 56, A Letter To The Kids I Never Wanted, featuring Toni the whitest ten
Facebook page: Ahstray Collectors facebook page
Video: After Dramatic Rescue, Shuttle Tank Berths Safely in San Diego
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Podcast: The Long Winters - Via Song Exploder