Bobby, Ann and Mike got up nice and early, and have laid claim to enough chairs by the pod pool for all of our P1s—and more importantly—our P2s to maximize enjoyment of our latest TBTL Week in Review. We don’t care about your BMI, why you got a Saturday JUG, or even how you could blow that call at the buzzer in last week’s big Hooverball match. Bobby is broadcasting from Buffalo, Mike has a huge Stumpdate, and Ann received a package this week that has her equally delighted and horrified. Enjoy!

Mike Campbell's Baseball Reference page, as mentioned in Mike's greatest on-field spoof of all time.

This week recaps TBTL episodes 2579 (Luke is back, PAC12 officials, Big Sean, President Trump is fat, Hooverball, email frenzy sounders, Jeanane Garofalo, JUGs), 2580 (#metoo, Thrive, Palm Springs pool chairs, Cadbury Mini Eggs, Windsor hum, airline flight arrival times skyjinx), 2581 (Solange / Dirty Projectors follow-up, David Folkenjones, Alex Jones, 1985 NBA Draft, hearing loss, fart plane, BMI, exercise, nonagenarians, Lent, Easter, crepes, forte), 2582 (Atlantic lawyer roommate, radio business, Elizabeth Swaney, ref), 2583 (Live Wire, Boz, Luke’s nephew, time traveler Fred Savage, medieval old times, Top Chef, flaming hot Cheetos, cats, Quincy Jones, Jurassic Park, MFYW.)