Episode #95: Happy Andriversary

March 5 2012 Our lives changed forever when Andrew Boom Boom Walsh became the new co-host of TBTL. Join us while we celebrate his 4th Andriversary with a walk down Walsh Lane.

Clips played on the show:
Andrew is Full Time - http://www.infiniteguest.org/tbtl/2012/03/tales-of-talking-to-alec-baldwin/  Voting Doesn’t Matter - http://www.infiniteguest.org/tbtl/2014/11/election-day-andrew-vs-luke/
The Gobbler - http://marsupialgurgle.com/tag/instant-gobble
Oops The Dirty Monster - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhkaebdfwQw
Joe Biden Role Play - http://www.infiniteguest.org/tbtl/2015/02/joe-biden-hr-liability/
Car Talk - http://www.infiniteguest.org/tbtl/2014/11/rip-tom-magliozzi-of-car-talk/
Above Ground Pools - http://www.infiniteguest.org/tbtl/2013/12/hero-fantasies-and-above-ground-pools/
Trigger Warnings - http://www.infiniteguest.org/tbtl/2015/01/what-dreams-may-crumb/
Andrew Bar Fight - http://www.infiniteguest.org/tbtl/2014/07/andrew-gets-in-a-bar-fight-sort-of/

Big thanks to:
Colleen Rozillis
Ann Lundholm
Ashley Gilliam
Sara Settlemyer
Jeremy Auer
Maggie Willis
Amy Sheppard
Corey Plucker
Phyllis Fletcher
Linh Pham
Andrew Walsh