Episode #93: Summoning The Power Of All The Gods

Set down those FBI-approved bolt cutters and join hands with Mike, Meredith, and Ultimate Gold Star HistoriTen Ashley as we raise a long-dead episode of TBTL from the grave. We discuss Ashley's adorable pugs, her prolific archiving habit, and she turns the tables to finally get some of her burning TBTL trivia questions answered. Then we listen back to some found audio of two '90s metalheads discussing the merits of totally destroying this dude Terry over $20 and a parking space, courtesy of Davy Rothbart from Found Magazine. 

The clip this week (from TBTL #1650) starts at 00:31 and goes till 01:18

As discussed on the show, you can watch the videos that go along with these tapes here: http://www.dailymotion.com/playlists/

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