Episode #236 (Recap): 0.5 Seconds of Hang Time

Climb on board, guys – it’s time for another TBTL recap, and Mike, Ann and Meredith are driving the podcast party bus. We’d like to make a stop at the Chicken Window on our way to see the classic Freddie Prinze Jr. movie Summer Catch, but if we see a rat, we’re outta there. Over at LRB Studios, we’re lovingly cradling the shattered remains of our thrown phones as we shed a tear over the apparent disappearance of basic science education. Some doughnuts would make us feel better, but Edith ate them all, so instead you can join us on the porch for some peanuts in the shell washed down with a delicious bacteria frappe. In addition to setting up future guest speakers for the Ex-Con Con, Mike’s seriously running out of patience for airplane talk, and Ann had a mysterious medical issue she wants to talk over with Meredith. Plus, tips on how to beat someone with your junk and a discussion of the wonders of Xanax. You’re more than just a truck friend to us.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2415 (hot dog story, party bus, Chariots For Hire, paternal relatives, biological dad, Swedish, book talk, Before the Fall, Chris Christie, no sun, lying liars, Brewster’s Millions, Gushers), 2416 (July 4th, Independence Day, fireworks, truck friend, ballpark seats, airline booze, book talk, chalk lines), 2417 (pool show, juice fast, low carb, Andrew brushes a tree, carnival rides, weight vs density, flying fears, Kanye, Alex Jones, The General), 2418 (Vince Vaughn, Detroiters, peanuts on the porch, vermin, “This guy lost his wood in front of me”, helpfulness, Amelia Earhart, time capsules, elementary school, weird Capitals of the World, airline booze), 2419 (pre-fader level switch, This American Life, magicians, charisma and show-off demons, David Kestenbaum, wine at breweries, martial arts, escaping nice weather, “You know it, baby!”, airline booze, escaping prison, fugitive tips).