#235: (Phyllis Phave) Wet Undies and Surprise Poo

Sometimes wet underwear is not your fault. It's not always pee, OK? But sometimes it is. This week Phyllis reports live from Lopez Island, just across from Mike Frizzell's ancestral plot on Mud Bay. Mud Bay would make a serviceable euphemism for a poo pile, and speaking of euphemisms for excretory events, we hear the best TBTL-ism for peeing your pants, first uttered by Jen at Jesus Creek. Plus Luke's poo-reka moment inspires us to recount accidental poo discoveries of our own. Christy "Crap Columbus" Wise, Mike "Magellan of Mud" Frizzell and Phyllis Fletcher, the Fecal de Fuca, on this month's Phyllis Phave edition of Little Red Bandwagon