Episode #232 (Recap): Diabetes in a Cup

Hi, pod friendos! Welcome to LRB HQ – doesn’t the yard look great? Since we’re all a bunch of desk monkeys, we had a couple of buff dudes take care of the landscaping. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable as Mike, Meredith, and Ann recap last week’s TBTL. We’ve got a couple of drinks we can offer – would you prefer a $9 glass of sugar, or a shot of whiskey? (If you’re real nice, we might be able to rustle up an old toe to drop in there.) Feel free to use any bathroom you like: to us, you’re a first-class person, no matter what the airlines say. On today’s episode, Mike teaches us about cultural differences in baseball celebrating, Meredith has a very naughty dog, and Ann is literally podcasting in the dark. You may have to raise your voice a little because of the Mariachi band, but we’re confident our walk-up music is the best.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2405 (Vegas, SOTS, Seinfeld, public music, The Freeze, Chris Hayes, Jim Tomsula, football, bagels), 2406 (phones, talking to parents, hip hop music, swearing, Harry Shearer, Spinal Tap, rat trap), 2407 (ghost stories, Seattle real estate, Lone Star tick, red meat, Daniel Day-Lewis, Boogie Nights, nuts and seeds, jerky), 2408 (Herbalife documentary, Amway, Tupperware, Yelp, elite colleges, pineapple sangria, idioms, metal poop story, baseball celebrating, bunting), 2409 (allergies, landscaping, manly men, Sourtoe, mummified toe in whisky, googlegangers, QFC, buried treasure, Sonos).