Episode #224 (Recap): Stumpy Makes a Break for It

It’s officially unofficial summer at the Little Red Bandwagon, and we’ve got so much going on we hardly know where to start. Mike, Ann and Meredith are ready to inflate the LRB hot air balloon and try to sneak up on those runaway turtles. Mike abandons any pretense of neighborliness as he asserts his sandwich rights, Ann inexplicably talks about tree cancer, and we want you to visit Meredith’s mom’s Etsy store for her Starburst wrapper crafts. After a healthy debate, we agree that Andrew would pulverize Luke in a fight, we disagree about the merits of a segment based around Gmail responses, and someone shares a real-world example that illustrates why, when packing underwear, you always count your days and then add one. Stick around for the end of the show, when Ann and Meredith gently guide Old Man Frizzell through his cleverly coded notes. Plus, we give you the first word on the potluck assignments for the Little Red Picnic.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2385 (Nick Jarin, animal attacks, Gmail suggested replies, Tonawanda, sandwich guy, Second Life bunny deaths, Twitch), 2386 (Phyllis Fletcher, Steve Scher, World Turtle Day, Stumpy the Turtle, quizzes, bike accident, saving parking spots, shame eating), 2387 (Paula Poundstone, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me cheating, Bill Kurtis, Dr Jim, screensavers, bouncing logos, burl clock, Canadian money, fidget spinners), 2388 (Gallagher, fidget spinners and Sherman Alexie, Christy Wise, drunk fundraising, irresponsibility, hot air balloons and feral pigs, Crowning Around, Doctor vs Professor, diet root beer), 2389 (counting underwear, Mike’s poop story, Luke’s striped shirt, US Weekly, Chris Hayes as eye candy, Wallingford parking, Luke and Andrew fighting, tattoo removal, Silver Linings Playbook, artificial intelligence, Amazon Echo, beta test, expense reports, Steve Holt).

Photo credit: https://holykaw.alltop.com