Episode #220 (recap): Welcome to the Hotel Walsh, You Magnificent Bastard

Bobby, Meredith and Ann are ready to check you in for your pod-stay here at the reasonably appointed Hotel Walsh. Inexplicably in the heart of the Scottsdale Stag District, amenities include complimentary 24-hour DJ service, bespoke Bluetooth Zune docks in every room, and ample alleyways for abandoning undonatable but semi-functional refuse. Our gift shop features an extensive collection of stuff you wish you owned in the ‘90s, and our on-site Vietnamese soup shop includes on-call acquaintances always ready to take your confession. 

Please note: Snacks are required every 45 minutes for anyone under the age of 18. While legally unenforceable, regular hand-washing is encouraged. And for the love of god, wear a damn helmet. It took all our willpower not to dedicate the entire episode to that.

Phyllis Fletcher is PRNDI’s Editor of the Year. The Top Gun Anthem is ridiculous. And Andrea Ballard’s podcast, Preheated, is pretty great.

This episode recaps TBTL 2375 (Luke’s birthday, WWDTM, swag it out, Dazzling Donor Chris Hayes, SMALT Bluetooth salt shaker, Bob Odenkirk), 2376 (Allergies, pledge drive, illegally dumping chair, pho confession, RV planning, fidget spinners, LOTR and CS Lewis), 2377 (Animal parents, oldfangled skateboard, Luke argues against helmets, Southern Comfort, hotel check-in), 2378 (Andrew Ders prank voicemail negativity, you magnificent bastard, gift of the mani donor Zune, Wendy’s nuggets nugs, negging United, dentist not washing hands, LOTR CS Lewis), 2379 (Rain run Toppik, Tobolowsky, Andrew took Facebook off phone, Top Story sounder clipped, voicemail prank follow-up, Steve Harvey).