Episode #218 (Recap): ‘Catessens and Cremains

Today, Mike and Ann welcome guest host and Tube Full of Loot™ winner Naomi Hillyard on the third mic to talk tattoos, cults, and our honest opinion of Shirley Temple’s talent. We cover a veritable buffet of TBTL topics, including a battle for supremacy between candy-colored coffee drinks, whether preparing a frozen lasagna after eating a burger should really qualify as shame-eating or something else entirely (still shameful, mind you), and what's reasonable to expect your loved ones to do with your remains. Plus, Ann begs for an end to KFC Colonel talk, Mike shakes his head at the irony of Andrew correcting anybody on sports terminology, and Naomi offers a safe space for the karaoke-curious. And before we begin, let us remind you that you can use the safe word at any time.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2370 (Radio Shack, phones, cults, Fyre Festival, tattoos, shame eating, frozen lasagna), 2371 (Brian May, Mod Pizza, ‘Catessen, cremains, scattering ashes, road trip, red light cameras, professional engineers), 2372 (Counter Intelligence, light up toilet seat, bathroom issues, staged wildlife photos, wildlife farms, Duck Hunt, banana phones, Dream Catcher, Shirley Temple, LOTR), 2373 (KFC Colonel, politics, punting the ball into the end zone, sports references, karaoke, cat study, road trip anxiety), 2374 (road trip friendship, suits with sneakers, Andrew’s underdressed, Starbucks unicorn Frappuccino, Cheyanne Mountain bunker, hiccups).