Episode #214 (recap): Do you like new legs and ham?

Meredith, Bobby and the once-again bipedal Mike go HAM on the latest week of TBTL, and answer the great questions of life, including but not limited to: Should jeans be washed? What TBTL producer emeritus should hide Shia LaBeouf? What’s the co-pay on Rick Rizzs’ hair insurance? Why is this gyrocopter only $400? And, most importantly, why Scottsdale?

Plus, Red Robin napkins, Taco Bell trash, practice locks and Rocks for Jocks. Four out of five Hotel deLuxe employees agree this episode is great, and we’ll tell you who the fifth is if you’ll introduce us to Barbara Bogaev. 

Here’s that clip from The Newsroom breaking down Nancy Grace.

This episode recaps episodes 2360 (owned, jeans, Shia LeBeouf, NYC apartments, NPC, StuBot), 2361 (Tax day, prison email wifi, Hearthstone, Leeroy Jenkins, McDonalds Coke, car garbage), 2362 (dazzling details NPR, Rick Rizzs, asteroid, Patriots, gyrocopter, going ham), 2363 (Portland, B-Real, Hotel deLuxe, work hotel, Forvick, night surfing, dream court, chips), 2364 (Barbara Bogaev, locks, life hacks, pantyhose, coffee smell.)