Episode #212 (recap): A terlet does not guarantee you a seat

It’s bathroom #demoday at Burbank Springs, and Bobby, Meredith and Ann are just trying to recap the latest week of TBTL while avoiding the sketchy element down at the local Lowes. Thankfully, we’ve learned what not to do courtesy of the Bryant Park Project, we’ve got a lead on some “cute” overalls, and—despite an examination of subpar lobster and an extensive Burger King Tangent Tracker—most (*most*) of the terlet talk sticks to actual, non-euphemistic plumbing. 

All that, plus Bobby wonders if he’s a jerk, Ann actually saw “We Bought A Zoo,” and Meredith rolled her eyes so hard at Luke she ruined her amazing vision, but it’s OK because we’ve all decided to say we’re doctors, so we’ve got it covered.

And in case you missed it, a guy got forcibly dragged off an airplane last week. 

Here’s a TV segment about the Nordic Lodge.