Episode #210 (Recap): Wagatha Christie Solves the Case

Hi, stranger. Last week things got a little strained in the TBTL-verse, but we’ll always make room for you on the LRB escalator! Come and join the conversation riot with Mike, Meredith, and Ann as we break down The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly & Extremely Upsetting. We’re talking taxes, T-rexes, S-Bux(es) and more. Things you need to know: smoking some Chris Haze will not help you understand Chris Hayes, “cream and dream” may have worked as a lyric in the 1960s but it’s problematic now, and you’re not as funny as you think you are (even you, Mike). Plus, tattoo lookouts, how to fall in love with baseball, and dog talk galore.

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2350 (Michelob Ultra, taxes, Hi Stranger video, Starbucks, Frappuccinos, Tyrannosaurus Rex, baseball, Chris Haze, No Point Conversion, Ben Folds Five), 2351 (clubs and drug drop, Hey Dummies newsletter, barbeque game, low carb, escalators, toilet auto flush), 2352 (pet feeding, dogological clock, Wagatha Christie, Pepsi commercial, Kendall Jenner, Luke and Andrew are fighting, Shake Shack, microphone abbreviation), 2353 (Luke and Andrew were fighting, apologies, newsletter video appearance, Shia LeBeouf, 4chan trolls, Mariners talk, Nordstrom, fashion sense, tonight pants), 2354 (Downton Abbey, cock fighting, prison tattoos, television, Love Bites mass true, cannibalism calorie quiz, Credit Karma, Arby’s, drunk TBTL).

Photo credit: doggyduds.com