Episode #209 (Phyllis Phave): Night Guard Court

"You're all liars!" That was Jen's message in 2009 to Tens who assured her night guards are fine. Well, they're not, and LRB is putting the system on trial: we're taking the dental industry to Night Guard Court. In this month's Phyllis Phave, Meredith and Phyllis recount their histories with night guards, bite splints, retainers and other humbling dental apparatuses. So suck up that saliva, admit your lack of sex appeal and grind that piece of plastic into a fine dust as we look back on Luke and Jen's failed attempts to improve their bites in their sleep.

From the TBTL archives:
Feb 5, 2009 (ep 261)
Apr 7, 2010 (ep 532, archived by HistoriTen Colleen Rozillis)

Shout-out to Linh Pham's marsupialgurgle.com for audio spackle between clips.

BONUS: See if you catch Phyllis' math error before she does!