Episode #206 (recap): The Heroes’ Takes

This week, we’re all heroes at LRB. Mike saved his family from conflict by sharing a heartfelt moment, even if it was only because his wires were tapped. Ann brazenly rejects the idea of “Gleeification,” despite only being our third-favorite babysitter. And Bobby offers to put his life and body on the line to settle whether or not Taco John’s is any good—if you’ll pay for the trip. And on top of all of that, we take time off from our important work to recap the latest week of TBTL. So join us as we climb the pyramid of deliciousness all the way to its pork peak, and feast on an idealized Dagwood from our favorite Mongolian Quiznos. It’s sure to make for some exciting at-plates. 

Be sure to check out Bean Baxter's ridiculously adorable old house, and the chocolate buffet at the Langham in Boston

This episode recaps TBTL 2340 (Ross and Burbank 2011 show sheet pitches, Jimmy Breslin, marketing, vegetarian, Bean moved to New Orleans, improv, courtesy laughs, toilet paper, airport hygiene, Tom Brady jersey, Monopoly tokens), 2341 (Fin bot @icetsvu, S-Town, prestige podcasts, potatoes basketball players, Spud Webb, sports), 2342 (Mr. McFeely, Mr. Rogers, The Founder, Pesca, Rumsfeld, Mulaney, Smart Nora, unboxing, Fighting Irish logo, snoring recording, dictaphone, YouTube fart sounds, Cheerios bees seeds, lifehackettbuddy.com, kayak houseboat robber, Lithgow, Harry and the Hendersons, Pete Holmes, hand-washing, Jell-O, No-Point Conversion NPC, Romar, Giraffe Cam, Felix Hernandez, Mariners, World Series, NFL rules, Vegas, LA, Marshawn Lynch.), 2343 (Rudy, hero take, the cherry that broke the camel’s back, unnecessarily detailed information about tree pollen, Applebee’s sex party, binge TV, leftover rice, Mongolian Quiznos, USA World Baseball Classic, Taco John’s) and 2344 (Everett RV lot, Two Girls / One Snuggie, road trip, Twitter, On the Media song, NCAA marketing, Michael mime plunger).