Episode #205 (Look Back): Conscious Uncoupling with Sarah Mulrooney

This week, Mike and Ann are joined by Sarah Mulrooney, proud BosTen, shaper of young minds, and someone who likes a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio. Mike repurposes an old game for a round of Make Sarah Mad, Ann has questions about culinary offerings at boarding schools, and Sarah shares the time she got into a Facebook beef with Luke. Then we go back to the “Saddest Day in TBTL History” and listen to Luke telling the Tens about his break up with Vanessa. It sounds like a downer, but we embrace the emotion and have a long talk about finding the courage to end something that you know isn’t working. Don’t skip this one, guys.

Bonus: Check out the recording of Chuck Jackson singing Leiber and Stoller’s  I Keep Forgettin' that Ann mentioned. The drums in stereo are AWESOME.

This Friday episode of Little Red Bandwagon features TBTL episode #892, which aired on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011. Keywords: Sarah Mulrooney, Mike Frizzell, Ann Lundholm, Provincetown, mascots, Pat the Patriot, Wally the Green Monster, school, religion, Betsy DeVos, Boston Strong, break ups, wine, paint your bald spot?, Leiber & Stoller, History of American Pop Music.