Episode #204 (Recap): Connor Mulcahy and the Semi-Rigid Podrigible

Based on Luke’s holiday accent and the sharp spike in the number of phone-throwings lately, it seems the Luck o’ the Irish has been too busy partying every weekend to grace us. But have no fear: Bobby, Ann, and special guest co-host Mike Farnan (i.e. the new and improved, two-legged Mike) are here to navigate this not-technically-a-blimp through your frustration, patch up any rough spots with red duct tape, and whisper in your ear (non-sexually, of course) why you’ve been listening to TBTL all this time. And we even get right down to business—no Maddow-sweeping the quarter-hour here!

All that plus a recap of this week’s shows (Girl Scouts! Boner pills! ASMR! … Not all at once!) and Mike opens his WAGON FULL OF LOOT LIVE, and it’s almost as awe-inspiring as Milton Berle’s junk. Almost.

When you’re done, check out this article on blimps from the New Yorker, and this great Key & Peele sketch, both mentioned by Mike. We should all be more like Mike.

This episode recaps TBTL episodes 2335 (Wallingford Wurst, headaches, St. Patrick’s Day, spelling bee, Girl Scout cookies, Vanilla Ice), 2336 (Techno geeks drop, CIA hacking, St. Patrick’s Day, Viagra, Goodyear blimp, Johnny Depp), 2337 (Eagles, Diana Ross, Technotronics Technogeek with Spreadshee, DashLane, Maddow, BBC interview, Luke’s Irish impression, ASMR), 2338 (Eagles, Fast and the Furriest, McDonald’s tweet, Julian Assange, Nielsen ratings), 2339 (ASMR, Smashmouth All Star, Milton Berle, Mutley, white noise, Richard Simmons podcast, housekeeping.)