Episode #203 (Clip Show): Sticky Fingers Burbank

Our pal Luke: charming, witty, fun, and ever-so-slightly unethical. From his intense desire for Charleston Chews and his childhood pal Aaron’s “muscle pullover hoodie” to helping himself to unpaid-for fast food lemonade, Luke’s always willing to share his experiences with minor larceny. And so, to celebrate these trivial transgressions, Christy and Ann are here to bring you a collection of TBTL clips about petty theft in the TBTL universe. In addition to Luke’s antics, we cover Jen’s story of a nefarious yard gnome theft ring and debate strategies for minimizing vehicular property damage. Plus, stories of our own petty thefts (and you thought we were such angels!).

FYI: The app Christy mentioned in the show for helping figure out when to go to the bathroom during movies is called "RunPee" and you can find it at www.RunPee.com 

This show contains clips from the following TBTL episodes: 4/24/12 (fountain soda theft, lemonade, soda economy); 9/9/10 (gnomes, yard decorations, flamingos, non-existent Mt Baker historical sites); 8/12/15 (car break-in, anti-theft policy); 5/19/11 (friendship, muscle pullover hoodie, fashion sense, Value Village, single parents); 4/18/14 (Charleston Chew, Walter Burbank, change tin, money theft, Burbanking the joke, overcooked nachos)