Episode #202 (Recap): Pizza Shell Game

It’s been a rough week on TBTL, but there’s no need to Get Jesse James/Jones, because the I-35 Crew of Mike, Meredith and Ann is on the job. We’re fortified by 8 “cups” of coffee and enough Buffalo Frito Pie that the government won’t even want to watch us through our televisions. Our breakdown of last week’s shows includes agreeing that Luke’s pushing the bounds of the concept of the late checkout, deciding that you’re not a “cat person” until you get that third cat, and a refusal (mostly) to continue hashing out The Great Phone Incident of 2017. Also in the hopper: we talk about our own small anxieties at the gas station, the produce section, and the checkout counter. Mike shares his rage and frustration at being called a liar, Ann’s got the Tangent Tracker™ at full power, and Meredith has been single-handedly populating our Amazon purchases list. Remember, it’s only for techno-geeks with spreadsh

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2330 (ski goggles, Andrew’s phone, passwords, Snuggies, attitudes and/or latitudes, Saucony, Stu-bot, dive bar, Letterman), 2331 (cats, baseball cards, Jim Abbott, Alec Baldwin, anxiety, spy televisions, Carl’s Junior, shame eating, humblebrags, Everclear Santa Monica), 2332 (coffee, phone meetings and power moves, cat condo, cat person, kid movie theaters, McDonald’s PlayPlace, Game of Thrones live concert, gaslighting, prank, techno-geeks with spreadsheets, Bertha Knight Landes), 2333 (radio legal id, hotel upgrade, round beds, live action Beauty and the Beast, Iron Horse, food on trains, PART-why? Because I said so!), 2334 (BBC clip, OPP, Other People’s Problems, destination celebrations, found cash, housekeeping).