Episode #200 (recap): LRB’s 200th Episode Spectacular!

We may not be that new podcast about Richard Simmons, and we may not be Roomba rich, but we’ve got a solid Mexican martini recipe, a sturdy case for our phone, and a bumper crop of Midwestern accents. Join Christy, Mike, Bobby, Meredith and Ann for a very special Little Red Bandwagon Week in Review that also includes the stories of how each of us caught the hot potato of responsibility that is the role of Podcast Host. It’s a well-done episode of LRB, and we couldn’t care less if you smother it in ketchup. 

Here’s that SNL Casey Affleck Dunkin’ Donuts commercial Bobby won’t stop talking about.


This week recaps TBTL episodes 2325 (Claim Jumper, Twin Peaks, Hooters, Port Townsend Film Festival, Oscars, Twitter), 2326 (Garfield, Amazon AWS ACS, Trump steak, hot dogs, Weird Al), 2327 (Food, Claim Jumper, fat, Tiesto, Skyjinx, taste on planes, umami, baseball intentional walk, butter on sandwiches), 2328 (Catch 22, Dr. Strangelove, Sauconys, New Day TV, publicists, Cat tongues, drool, douche nozzle), 2329 (Starbucks eggs, Luke on KUOW, dog diapers, thunder shirts, Don Rickles, Andrew’s phone, Andrew’s phone, Andrew’s phone.)