Episode #198 (recap): Mining an orc cart of corpulent mediocrity

Noted anti-anti-semite Meredith Mahan is on the road, coping with some sad news with help from a Mexican martini from an off-mic Frizzell, and an opinionated, interrupting Edith in Orkin Studios at the Kyle Insect Museum. Hover on over to our pod-hovel where she joins Bobby “in league with Emma Watson at FedEx Office” Pape and Ann “put your ass on the seat!” Lundholm for a gluttonous smörgåsbord of TBTL topics fit for a Ron Upshaw +1, helps explain a Burbank family not-quite paradox, and throws one hell of a hospital happy hour. It’s an episode great for any office space!

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This episode recaps TBTL episodes 2320 (Eagle club, pull tabs, celebrity basketball, deplorable, found money, Star Wars, snapchat glasses, hack attack / buddy hack-it, cheese taco shells, taco bell, low-carb cereal), 2321 (iPod nano, soccer prop bets, meat pie goalie, bathroom voicemail, toilet seat cover, brushing teeth in public), 2322 (getting carded, TacoMac, Fordlandia, Trump wig, stolen NBA basketball), 2323 (LiveWire, LAX, cologne, working from home clothes, marathon cheater, LOL Kim Jong Nam murder, shame-eating McDonalds), 2324 (Suzie Burbank flying sky jinx, Birthday Paradox, politics, Claim Jumpers, Port Townsend.)