Episode #197 (Interview): Trapeze and New Beginnings

We are joined by EvereTen and LRB alumni Dana Steele to play a clip, of a clip, of a podcast that was played on the podcast that this podcast is about. If it sounds confusing, don't worry just take a leap of faith and stick with us as we talk about how hearing this TBTL segment was a turning point for Dana's life and new beginnings. 

As discussed on the show: 
Hear Dana on LRB #33: "Wolf Magic"
The TBTL clip on this episode is from TBTL #1634: "What Are Ya Doin’ Here… Day Jobs Edition"
Hear all ten episodes of "Day Job" at http://www.northwester.org/dayjob 

photo credit: kytetiger DSC_5339-18 via photopin (license)