Episode #196 (Recap): Dr. Thundercat, Your 1:30 Is Here

Grab your LOL shirt, pour a big bowl of Steak O’s and milk, and get ready for some snuggle time with Eddie, because it’s time to review last week’s TBTL.  Meredith, Mike and Ann are ready to play 20 Questions about the topics they’ll need to cover: 1)Is it a hot dog? 2)Is it a magnet? 3)Is it a hot dog magnet? They discuss the meaning behind teenage Andrew’s visit to his driving instructor’s apartment, share some close calls (with good and bad outcomes) regarding bathroom emergencies, and try to separate the George Michaels from the George Michaelses. While they have slightly differing opinions about Valentine’s Day, they’re in complete agreement that under no circumstances should Luke be allowed to take flying lessons. Additionally, Meredith tells us about the disease with the best/worst name ever, Ann silently cringes as the other two discuss something they refer to as a “space turd grabber”, and Mike is excited for Luke to get his Light Phone, if only for the rich vein of mockery he can mine. Oh, and if we can’t get a plane home from Portland, we’ll be sure to stay at the Hotel Deluxe, because “this is how a hotel treats a VIP customer.”

This TBTL Week in Review recaps episodes 2315 (George Michaels, Costa Rica, Crocodile Mile, massage, Todd Rundgren, Andrew’s driving instructor, sponsors, Adele at the Grammys, Broadway bathrooms, pee emergency), 2316 (Valentine’s Day, Light phone, technology, beepers, milk), 2317 (Luke and cats, Todd Rundgren, Meat Loaf, Harrison Ford, Skyjinx, Colbert, late night comedy, space poop, office cabbage), 2318 (travel woes, cat wine, drinking buddies, dogs in the car, Monopoly, Dreamcatcher), 2319 (travel woes, Livewire, Thundercat, quiz master, hot dog magnet, Bukowski, Chris Christie, assassination of Kim Jong-nam, LOL, late checkout, Burbs, cozies, murder mystery dinner, bras in the basement, college acceptance letters, No Fun University).

Photo credit: http://lupiloops.com/popcorn-lung-cartoon/